Atwood Kids Open
January 13, 2007


  6 and under
37-40 lbs.  
1st Gavin Wilson Goodland
2nd Riley Kraft Colby
43 lbs.  
1st Jared Kennedy Hoxie
2nd Konnor Griffin Colby
3rd Blaise Vrbas Colby
4th Nick Munk Hoxie
46 lbs.  
1st Aaron Platt Colby
2nd Braden Leitner Atwood
49 lbs.  
1st Nicky McDonald Oberlin
2nd Colton Davis Colby
3rd Chase Johnson Goodland
4th Clayton Riney Colby
52 lbs.  
1st Nicolas Johnson Colby
2nd Lane Shirley Oakley
3rd Tate Siruta Colby
55 lbs.  
1st Tucker Branum Colby
2nd Rocky Racette Oakley
3rd Sean Rall Colby
4th Tayton Weeter Goodland
58 lbs.  
1st Luke Lampe St. Francis
2nd Kory Finley Colby
3rd Ray Kasson Norton
4th Reegon Witt Oberlin
61-67 lbs.  
1st Bryce Kisner Atwood
2nd Zachary Hart Colby
3rd Luke Schippers Hoxie
4th Trenton Chisham Norton
70-76 lbs.  
1st Jeron Schutte Colby
2nd McKellan Rains Oakley
3rd Tristan Slinger Colby
4th Kyler Britt Colby
1st Taye Washington Hoxie
2nd Heath Knopp Atwood
  8 and under
43-46 lbs.  
1st Derek Vandike St. Francis
2nd Tristan Davis Oberlin
49-52 lbs.  
1st Kaden Van Pelt Oberlin
2nd Louis Zorn Atwood
3rd Tate Withington Goodland
55 lbs.  
1st Tate Carney Colby
2nd Cory Mead Oakley
58 lbs.  
1st Joey McFee Atwood
2nd Easton Slipke Hoxie
3rd Jacob Munk Hoxie
61 lbs.  
1st Wyatt Murphy Oakley
2nd Taylor Rogers St. Francis
3rd Jeff Juenemann Oberlin
4th Dawson Ensign Goodland
64 lbs  
1st Trenton Wright Norton
2nd Travis Rogers St. Francis
3rd Jonah Thompson Colby
67 lbs.  
1st Travis Finley Colby
2nd Wence Hendrich Goodland
3rd Tanner Gastineau Goodland
4th Drake Rowh Hoxie
70 lbs.  
1st McCoy Rains Oakley
2nd Tabor Erickson Oberlin
3rd Austin Hernandez Goodland
4th Kelby Smith Goodland
73 lbs.  
1st Mike Kasson Norton
2nd Tristen Cooper Goodland
3rd Luke Avik Goodland
4th Kyle Van Pelt Oberlin
76-80 lbs.  
1st Garrett Brunk St. Francis
2nd Jace Shirley Oakley
3rd Layton Miller Norton
88 lbs.  
1st Jacob Green Norton
2nd Lucas Taylor Colby
95 lbs.  
1st Kelly Brown Oberlin
2nd Luke Keilig Norton
3rd Konnor Witt Oberlin
1st Drew House Goodland
2nd Austin Hart Colby
3rd Brady Slinger Colby
  10 and under
61 lbs.  
1st Wesley Geihsler Oberlin
2nd Josh David Goodland
3rd Bryce Bacon Hoxie
4th Jordan Baker Oberlin
64 lbs.  
1st Dante Rodriguez Kearney, NE
2nd Jarrett Parsons Oakley
3rd Josh Barnhart Colby
4th Gabe Anderson Oberlin
67 lbs.  
1st Lane Hoffman St. Francis
2nd Kyle Finley Colby
70 lbs.  
1st Macrae Migchelbrink Atwood
2nd Garret Otter Norton
3rd Coy Johnson Goodland
4th James Dinkel Goodland
73 lbs.  
1st Alec Hager Norton
2nd Clay Griffith Atwood
3rd Taylor Murphy Oakley
4th Justin Pacheco St. Francis
76 lbs.  
1st Connor Edmundson Colby
2nd Austin Kyte Oberlin
3rd Phillip Bryant Norton
79-82 lbs.  
1st Rhett Mizer Atwood
2nd Dayton Dreher Oberlin
3rd Toby Nickell Norton
4th Logan Mead Oakley
85 lbs.  
1st Colton Cooper Goodland
2nd Colter Miller Colby
3rd Shawn Pochop Atwood
4th Matthew Pieper Atwood
90-95 lbs.  
1st Kolt Traschel Goodland
2nd Casey Quagliano Colby
3rd Leo Jirak Oakley
100-110 lbs.  
1st Alex Boryca Cozad, NE
2nd Kendall Miller Norton
3rd Regent Erickson Oberlin
4th Keith Vrbas Atwood
120-130 lbs.  
1st Cole Renner Norton
2nd Dylan Gassmann Oakley
3rd Rex Diederich Oberlin
4th Trevor Sattler Atwood
1st Shakotah Blanka St. Francis
2nd Mason Slinger Colby
3rd Hunter Knopp Atwood
4th Dylan Dumler Colby
  12 and under
68-72 lbs.  
1st Chris Anderson Oberlin
2nd John Solko Atwood
3rd Casey Keller St. Francis
4th Logan Lampe St. Francis
80 lbs.  
1st John Risewick Norton
2nd Mason Schiltz St. Francis
84 lbs.  
1st Logan Hunke Cozad, NE
2nd Carson McKenna Norton
3rd Devin Langdon Colby
4th Matthew Heim Hoxie
88-92 lbs.  
1st Calvin Ochs Hoxie
2nd Quade Woofter Colby
3rd Ryan Bainter Norton
100 lbs.  
1st Kade Brown Oberlin
2nd Steven Yergey Hoxie
3rd Brook Bahe Goodland
100-105-110 lbs.  
1st Eli Bozarth Norton
2nd Cody Wright Atwood
3rd Jason Berkgren Oakley
4th Dalton Miller Norton
130-150 lbs.  
1st Brandon Salmans Hoxie
2nd Taylen Smith Goodland
3rd Summer Asturi Atwood
150-165 lbs.  
1st Cade Sharp Atwood
2nd Zach Gienger St. Francis
3rd Channing Farr Oberlin
190 lbs  
1st Kane Washington Hoxie
2nd Lucas Carmichael St. Francis